The Southwest Times, June 23, 1996 Page 4

By MIKE WILLIAMS - Editor-General Manager

Well-wishes: Prayers go out to the family of Daniel Jason Rooker V, 10-year-old son of Greg and Fran Rooker of Pulaski County.

Daniel accidentally hanged himself a few days ago while playing in the yard of the family home. Greg and Fran found Daniel and immediately began CPR - quick action that is credited with saving the boy's life.

At last report, Daniel is recovering at Carilion Community Hospital of the Roanoke Valley.

Greg, a former publisher of The Southwest Times which his father, Dan, owned for several years, credited Daniel's improvement to the many prayers of friends and loved ones.

Kids can do the darndest things. No matter how careful we as parents are, or how watchful, kids have a way of getting into scrapes and jams. Some more serious than others.

Kids are fun-loving and curious creatures, and as many of us know, that can be a dangerous mix sometimes.

We wish Daniel a speedy and complete recovery.


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