I am Jason --- I am Free
by a patterning volunteer

This is wonderful! I am free of my injured body!
Now I can talk and sing;
I can run and play.
I am at peace in my God!

I now fully understand why I was injured,
why I came back from near death,
and why my God sent me back for over a year
in a broken body!
But, of course, I'm not allowed to tell you the details.

But God did permit me to convey some human thoughts about my situation.
Unfortunately I have to use a human interpreter,
and so you will receive a clouded view
of what I now know so clearly.

I could have died in that tree as I played with my rope.
It would have been simple and quick.
But God wanted me to do something more,
something great with my life.

He gave me a special gift; to spend an extra year
with my parents and sisters, close friends and relatives.
To experience my family's great love for me.
And allow me to love them in a very special way.
This brought us all much closer together.

He allowed me to meet and enjoy hundreds of people
whom I had never known before.
He allowed me to enter their hearts,
and effect them in a way that would be different than anything
that they had ever experienced before.

Because of me hundreds of new friendships resulted.
People began to see others in a different light.
A loving and caring light,
that perhaps some had never before experienced.

Because of me a whole commmunity, those of different generations
and experiences, of different religions, and ethnic heritage,
were able to put aside petty differences
and unite together to help an unfortunate brother.

I thank you all for the time,
love and attention that you gave me.
But wasn't that part of God's plan?
Isn't that why he returned me for a year?

Think what you have learned!
Think of how the world will be better as many of you will say:
"We helped Jason Rooker, now who can we help?"

I have completed my work.
In memory of me
will you continue yours?


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