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Healing Zen by Ellen Birx, RN
Professor of Nursing Education
Radford University

published by Viking Penguin Press

The first essay in this book is about the lessons learned while the author assisted in caring for Jason - a truly touching and inspirational account!
Obtain copies of Touched By The Light by contacting The Jason Foundation.

Touched By The Light (Book 2) - True Stories About Angels, an Open Heart Nurse and Subtle Energy Therapies by Karen H. Murphy, RN, TTP, HTP published by Spiritual Awareness Productions

This moving collection of stories about miracles, healings, and angelic messages is written by a down-to-earth open heart nurse who has worked in a hospital all her life. Karen flew from Florida to Virginia to see if there was anything she could do to help Jason and his family. The amazing things that transpired are documented on pp. 59-62.