As our ten year old son, Jason, lay in a coma, we wanted someone to talk with who understood first hand what we were experiencing as a family.

As Jason regained consciousness, we wanted information to help us understand the extent of his brain injury, the treatments he was receiving, and the expectations in each stage of his recovery.

We came to realize that, regardless of his recovery, life would never be the same.

We needed to educate ourselves about the stages we would go through with Jason in this different life. In spite of this traumatic life change, we wanted to stay strong as a family.

We know that even then this foundation was being guided into formation to give help and hope to others. With Jason's help, and in his memory, we now offer survivors of brain injury and their families the help we so generously received.

From the beginning, a network of professionals, family members, friends, and strangers assisted us in gathering information to help us learn to ask questions and become informed advocates for Jason's care. They researched ways of working with the insurance company to receive appropriate coverage. They searched out medical care options, rehabilitation facilities, alternative therapies, legal advice, financial aid, and school system support.

We had help. We had hope.

The Jason Foundation offers hope.

We are committed to:

  • Providing education, support, resources, and funds to brain injury survivors and their families in the Southwest Virginia region.
  • Promoting the establishment of community-based services for brain injury survivors and their families.
  • Promoting public awareness and education with regard to the disability of brain injury.
  • Promoting programs that enhance the quality of life of brain injury survivors and their families.

The Jason Foundation funded the establishment of:

Brain Injury Services of SWVA in July 2001 to provide community-based specialized case management services for survivors and their families.
Since its inception, BIS of SWVA has:
  • Created a pilot project on delivery of Independent Living Skills Training to survivors in rural areas – in collaboration with Radford University – begun through the Commonwealth Neurotrauma Initiative Grant.

  • Sponsored establishment of the New River Valley Brain Injury Support Group for survivors and caregivers, held at Radford University’s Waldron College.

  • Served as one of the catalysts for “Transcending Brain Injury” annual conference for Southwest Virginia.  It is SWVA’s major educational venue for medical and legal professionals, service providers, educators, students, survivors, and caregivers.

  • Served as catalyst for the annual Southwest Virginia Invitational Golf Challenge – a three-day event that includes one-day clinic for therapists, one-day clinic for people of all disabilities, one-day tournament for people of all abilities.  It provides significant funding for BIS SWVA and for the Roanoke Valley Chapter of the Brain Injury Association of Virginia.

  • Became the second organization in Virginia to make available Pediatric Long Term Case Management – begun through the Commonwealth Neurotrauma Initiative Grant.

  • Continues to assist more than 200 families annually through long-term case management services.

George Washington University
Center for Education and Human Services in Acquired Brain Injury

  • A program with national impact to educate Master’s Degree Graduates who may serve as resources for school systems and agencies serving survivors.  Scholarships are available for students.  A distance Learning Program with Radford University is being developed.

Radford University
Rehabilitation Programs Endowment

  • Facilitates rehabilitation services in recreation therapy for people with brain injuries as well as other disabilities, through faculty and students of RU's Waldron College of Health and Human Services.

Longwood University
Speech-Language Pathology Master's Degree Program Endowment

  • Provides scholarships for students pursuing a Master's Degree in Speech-Language Pathology who wish to work with people with acquired brain injury.

The Jason Foundation is available to help when you need:

  • to talk with someone who has been in a similar situation

  • to locate information on brain injury

  • to connect with specialized services and resources for survivors and families

  • to obtain support group information

The Jason Foundation is represented on:

  • Brain Injury Services of SWVA Board of Trustees.

The Jason Foundation is a past member of:

  • Brain Injury Association of Virginia Board of Directors

  • Virginia Brain Injury Council

  • National Association of State Head Injury Administrators (member)

  • Virginia Alliance for Brain Injury Services Providers