Jason Jesu - Russell Gregory


I am walking through a forest like the one
I used to walk through with my father.

This one, however, is in the SW corner
of Virginia

We walked in the Ozarks of Oklahoma.
I am walking through a forest when I hear a sound
like the wind straining between the trees
so tightly knit.

The leaves whisper to get my attention when I
hear what I at first think is a moan--


I turn and see sunlight playing hide and seek with
me in this forest floor, but then it is not
the sun. It is Jason's smile and then
it is Jason. He darts behind that tree and
I hear his laughter. "You think you know where
I am but you're wrong." I see him thread
his way from tree to tree until like a pea
beneath the walnut shell, he is gone.

Now I hear myself say: "Jason, Jason, Jasoooon."

And he is gone.

I begin to run; I can chase him and I can catch him.
I know I can.

And so dashing this way and that I run toward
eternity to root him out.
Snap, behind me, I turn, there is only the
outline of his smile.
Crack, over there, I jerk, his laughter skips
across the ground like leaves
going south for the winter.
Smack, in front of me, I speed on to hear
the echo of his voice. "I've got to
go now; I got to go home."

And he is gone.
And he is gone.

Jason, Jason, Jasooon
Jason, Jason, Jesu
Jesu bambino immanuel
God with us, God in us, God's image us
God's image us, God in us, God with us
Immanuel, Jesu bambino
Jesu, Jason, Jason
Jason, Jason, Jasoooon

And he is gone.
And he is here.
And he is gone.


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