March 2010 - Our Final Jason Foundation Newsletter

March 5, 2010

Dear Friends,

Since March is Brain Injury Awareness Month, we felt it an appropriate time to send out a very special announcement! 

First, we wish to express our sincere appreciation to those of you who have directly supported The Jason Foundation through the years.  And, we extend our gratitude to those of you who have begun to directly support our offspring, Brain Injury Services of SWVA (BIS SWVA), through its first annual campaign in 2009.

Through the years, our volunteer work at The Jason Foundation has kept operating expenses to a minimum.  Most financial gifts from caring friends and family have been directed to establish support services and programs for people living with brain injury and their families.  With the successful growth of BIS SWVA, now serving more than 300 families annually throughout the region, our foundation’s funds more recently have been targeted to support the services for families it assists.

As we all know, life is unpredictable.  And, Greg and I are aging.  It is our hope that the legacy of The Jason Foundation will live on through BIS SWVA, and that the direct services we envisioned from the beginning that it presently provides to families, will be available for years to come. 

To realize this, we are honored to announce the establishment of a new venue through which our donors can continue to support The Jason Foundation.  The Board of Trustees of BIS SWVA has established The Jason Rooker Legacy Fund.  You now have two options by which you can help us “Keep Hope Alive” – through direct donations to BIS SWVA, or through gifting to its Jason Rooker Legacy Fund.  Details for both of these opportunities for giving may be obtained online at

Greg and I plan to continue our volunteer advocacy efforts at The Jason Foundation and on the Board of BIS SWVA, as we are needed.  And, rather than receiving an annual newsletter from the foundation, you will be able to read of our activities in each fall issue of BIS SWVA’s
“Wings of Hope”.

Thank you for partnering with us through the years in the work of The Jason Foundation.
We now look forward to joining with you to assist in rebuilding lives of people living with the disability of brain injury, through the work of Brain Injury Services of SWVA.

May blessings continue in your lives!

Fran and Greg Rooker

Founders, Brain Injury Services of SWVA





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