October 2004 Jason Foundation Newsletter
Dear Friends,

If you think brain injury can’t happen to you…think again. Financial status, ethnic background, genetic makeup, and religious preference have no effect on whether in one second your life may change forever. You have no way of knowing if you will need assistance with re-learning to live independently, or walk, or speak. Your thinking skills and emotions may not be as before. When you leave the hospital, you and your family will need support and services. Only time will tell how long you will need assistance.

Each year more people are living after brain injury. Unfortunately, services that address this disability are still either very scarce or are completely missing in many areas of the state and nation. Over the past six years, The Jason Foundation has worked to establish the support and services that your family, or any family would need to adjust to living with brain injury. I’ve enclosed our new brochure which explains some of them. And I’m pleased to add news about the programs you’ll read about inside it:
  1. Brain Injury Services of SWVA now has a full-time Executive Director, added more case managers to its staff to serve more families, moved into larger office space, and started a new support group for children and adolescent survivors and their families.
  2. The Jason Foundation served as a major sponsor for the third annual “Transcending Brain Injury Conference for SWVA”, which continues to be a main venue for education and awareness for approximately 200 survivors, family members, medical and rehabilitation professionals, and students.
  3. An adaptive golf program has begun in the Roanoke area, as a result of the annual Southwest Virginia Invitational Golf Challenge and its clinics.
  4. The new Child/Adolescent Case Management Program is now assisting 25 families.
  5. A local survivor is now enrolled in the George Washington University Center for Education and Human Services in Acquired Brain Injury Master’s Degree Program, with scholarship funding provided through The Jason Foundation.

As we continue to provide support and financial aid to survivors and their families, we repeatedly are blessed with opportunities to be of further service. Recently, we were contacted by groups in two other regions of Virginia, who asked our advice and assistance in beginning services in their areas like those we are building here in the Southwest Virginia. We look forward to working with them to establish the critically needed community-based services and programs that enhance the quality of life of survivors and their families.

We ask that you keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we strive to bring them hope, and that you share our news with those who may need us and those who may wish to support us. Please let them know that their gifts are tax deductible, and most sincerely appreciated.

May blessings continue in your lives!
Fran Rooker, President



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