October 2008 Jason Foundation Newsletter

Dear Friends,

As this foundation begins its second decade of helping people living with brain injury, words like these from families we’ve been privileged to assist this past year continue to inspire us to be of service.

“So much to tell you, but I am a little numb right now, trying to absorb it all.  Sadly, all our suspicions have been confirmed.  After miraculously being spared paralysis from a broken neck in the auto accident a little more than a year ago, we now know our daughter also suffered a brain injury, and we’re struggling with the situation and all the information.  The good news is that help is available, so we have much to do and much for which to be thankful.  We will be forever indebted to you for getting us to the right places to get the treatment and support our daughter so desperately needs.”

Gail Cook DeVilbiss
Attorney at Law

And, while remaining a supportive informational resource for families, we’ve continued to work to increase awareness, and create or grow the larger network of needed supportive services.  This year, our initiatives have included:

  • Community Living Connection (CLiC) – A facilitated online video teleconference meeting designed to provide cognitive supports and community participation opportunities to people living with the challenges of a brain injury in rural Virginia.  We’ve been honored to be a part of the ‘brainstorming workgroup’ (VA Tech, Radford University, Brain Injury Services of SWVA) and a partnering grantor for this pilot project.
  • Phoenix Star Clubhouse grant  - provided funding to purchase appliances for the Kitchen Unit, and computers and a printer for the Communication Unit for this program serving people living with brain injury in the Roanoke area
  • Continued financial support to families in need through Brain Injury Services of SWVA
  • Brain Injury Association of Virginia Support Group Leaders Training grant – which allowed 16 participants from several regions of the state to receive training in Richmond on building and growing support groups in their areas
  • Continued education on the needs of families to representatives in our local jurisdictions and our state government

Particularly during these trying economic times, our most vulnerable citizens living in life-changing circumstances need support from caring people.  We feel blessed that the support this foundation continues to receive allows us to be of service in this way.  We greatly appreciate the important role you play in making this happen.

We ask that you keep us in your thoughts and prayers, and share our news with those who may need us, and those who may wish to support us.  Let them know that their gifts are tax deductible, and most sincerely appreciated.

May blessings continue in your lives!

Fran Rooker, President




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